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Pilates; originally developed by Joseph Pilates, following the principles of Centrology (deep core activation), focuses on improving movement, strength and control of movement, enhancing body awareness to encourage change of movement patterns previously causing pain, dysfunction, or preventing optimization of performance in sports.


Clinical Pilates take into an individual’s injuries, pathologies and specific physical needs, specifically creating an individualized program geared towards their needs and goals. The additional element of clinical knowledge to all the Pilates exercises and the specific choice of Pilates exercises with modifications is the difference.  


Clinical studies reflect with strong agreement that the benefits of Pilates include:

  • Increased flexibility.

  • Increased confidence with movement and aggravating activities.

  • increase activity of muscle stabilizers. 

  • Increased body awareness.

  • Increased postural control. 

  • Provision of adjustable resistance with exercise equipment. 


If you answer yes to the following questions, Clinical Pilates may benefit you:

  • Does pain inhibit your movement?

  • Do you suffer from chronic muscular pain?

  • Do you have abdominal separation (post natal) or lack core activation?

  • Are you unsure if you are "activating" muscles correctly?

  • Have you had minimal involvement in exercise for a period of time?

  • Do sporting activities cause you pain?

  • Pelvic floor weakness (e.g. urinary incontinence)?



Learn the fundamentals of movement to improve posture, muscle & core strength, flexibility and alignment. The best of investment is in yourself.

What's Included:

  • Initial Clinical Pilates Assessment - Postural & Orthopedic assessment, muscle testing & gait assessment. Receive a customized Clinical Pilates program tailored to your goals and needs.

  • 5 pack of Private Clinical Pilates Sessions (session duration 45 minutes)

  • + Receive a tailored home preventative care self Myofascial release and stretch program.


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Package is valid for 6 months from purchase date.



Clinical Pilates Initial Assessment --  $80

Subsequent Private One on One --  $80

HICAPS Private health rebates available for Initial and Subsequent Appointment




Private session --  $80 (one person)

5 Pack of Privates (1:1) --  $350

10 Pack of Privates (1:1) --   $680


Duration: 45 minutes

HICAPS Private health rebates available for private sessions

$60 p/week

Membership #1

Learn the fundamentals of movement to improve posture, muscle & core strength, flexibility and alignment. The best of investment is in yourself.

What's Included:

  • One weekly private session

  • Two weekly unsupervised sessions

+ Receive 10% off Myotherapy  & Massage Treatments

$75 p/week

Membership #2

Holistic approach with Myotherapy and Clinical Pilates. Through comprehensive soft tissue therapy, improve quality of movement, spine and joint health. Enhance core and muscle strength to your specific goals and needs.

What's Included:

  • One weekly private session

  • Unlimited unsupervised sessions 

  • One 30 minute Fortnightly Myotherapy Treatment 


terms & conditions


  • Fortnightly direct debit, initial debit on join date, continuing fortnightly

  • No minimum commitment period 

  • No additional setup fees

  • Option to pause membership for 2 weeks per calendar year

  • 8 hours notice to cancel class reservation, late cancellation results in loss of pass.

  • 7 Days notice required to suspend direct debit

  • 7 Days notice in writing to cancel membership

  • $5 Admin fee for Dishonoured Debits

  • Contract continues monthly until termination advice received

  • No termination fees


​​Initial Clinical Pilates Assessment Consultation:

  • One on One initial assessment with a Health Practitioner, assessing your movement, muscle activation, posture, taking into consideration any injuries, compensations & conditions.

  • Demonstration & Practical of the Pilates Principles of Centering (Core activation), Pelvic Floor & breath, pelvic neutral & neutral spine.

  • Practical demonstration & instruction of equipment used.

  • Includes personalized home preventative care program (self release and stretch techniques)

Appointment Duration 45 minutes

One on One (1:1) Private Clinical Pilates Session:

  • Private Practical Session with a Clinical Pilates Instructor of your tailored program(dependent on your level 1-5 one on one's may be recommended prior to unsupervised sessions)

Appointment Duration 45 minutes


Unsupervised Clinical Pilates 

Reserve semi-private use of our Clinical Pilates studio and equipment, following your tailored Clinical Pilates Program and progress at your level. 

* Practitioner approval required prior to attending unsupervised sessions to ensure correct form and technique is applied.

Session Duration 45 minutes



“This is my first time trying myotherapy, and I have chosen Euphoria for it as I previously had my remedial massage here. Their service never disappoint every time I go. Great job, thanks so much for your work! I highly recommend their services to anyone!”

— Kim, Myotherapy


 Clinically trained & experienced Instructors & Therapists.

Classes focus on form, technique & muscle activation.

Achieve optimal Health with our practitioners offering:


Massage Therapies

& Recovery Steam Room 


We believe fitness and movement is an integral part of life. 

Our memberships and packages are competitive and affordable to fit into your lifestyle.

The best of investment, is in your health


Small group classes ensure you receive one on one attention.

Our instructors are hands on & exercises are modified to suit you.

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Results speak for themselves. As do clients reviews.

Feel and see the difference.

Feel stronger, improve posture, gain body control

& awareness.

  • Core activation

  • Lean muscle tone

  • Strength & Flexibility.