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Chronic Shoulder Pain?

Chronic Shoulder Pain & Discomfort.

Do you suffer from shoulder pain/discomfort with no history of trauma?

Do you feel like your movement is blocked versus the good shoulder?

Have you had a number of treatments resulting in only short term pain relief?

If this is the case you need to ask yourself did the therapist/s you see clear your spine first before proceeding to your shoulder?

This is important because up to 40% of shoulder pain and loss of motion is spinal related (Rosedale 2017).

A comprehensive examination should focus on clearing your cervical spine first with repeated movements in a specific direction, followed by the upper thoracic spine also incorporating repeated movements in a specific direction (McKenzie & May 2004).

If there is no change in your presenting symptoms with retesting the shoulder then a thorough examination of the shoulder is explored.

If you would like any further information you can call or email Rob Orr credentialed McKenzie therapist one of only 155 in Australia at Euphoria Wellness Clinic in Camberwell.

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