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Low Back Pain - cause & treatment

  • Do you experience central lower back pain/discomfort?

  • Does your discomfort radiate across your back in a horizontal band

  • Pain in the buttock region, or pain that radiates down your leg into your foot?

  • Do your symptoms worsen with prolonged sitting, and do your symptoms improve when you get up and move?

Answering yes to just one of these questions can indicate the disc as the source of your pain/discomfort.

Meaning that your disc is being structurally compromised from the inside, but before we come to this conclusion we need to prove it first!

To prove this a thorough examination is performed in the clinic room through repetitive movement testing of the lower spine to establish whether repeating a specific movement pattern changes your symptoms and range of motion for better or worse (McKenzie 2004).

The overall goal is to centralise your symptoms (pain) back to the centre of origin via movements that load your spine in a specific direction, this is known as a direction preference (McKenzie 2004). Centralisation was first recognised by Robin McKenzie in the 1950s.

Centralisation identifies a substantial group of patients, it is a clinical phenomenon that can be reliably detected, and is associated with a good prognosis (Aina, May. Clare 2004).

The prevalence rate of centralisation was 70% in 731 sub-acute patients, and 52% in 325 chronic back patients. It is a symptom response that can reliably assessed during examination and consistently associated with good outcomes (Aina, May. Clare 2004).

Donelson et al. 1990 utilized exercises in the saggital and frontal planes and achieved centralization in 87% of patients.

Centralisation was correlated with good/excellent outcomes, greater reduction in pain, higher return to work rates (Donelson et al., 1990; Long 1995; Sufka et al.,1998; Karas et al., 1997; Werneke et al., 1999; Werneke and Hart, 2001)


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