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Tennis & associated pain; cause & treatment

Do you suffer from shoulder pain when serving?

Do you feel like you lack power when serving, maybe a combination?

Do you also experience pain/discomfort when playing a forehand or backhand?

Athletes with scapulae dyskinesis (poor positioning & movement patterns of the shoulder blade) have 43% greater risk of developing shoulder pain compared to those who do not have scapulae dyskinesis.

Also in this study 23% of the subjects that experienced shoulder pain did not display scapulae dyskinesis. Could there be something else going on?

40% of shoulder pain will come from your neck (Richard Rosedale 2017), and you don’t even have to experience any neck pain for this to occur. So its important that the neck is cleared of any involvement prior to treating the shoulder.

For any patient that comes to see me with a shoulder complaint, I will assess your shoulder in all planes of motion and will also load those motions with external force if necessary to reproduce your pain. From there I will then clear your neck through applying repetitive movement testing in a specific direction, then I will re-test your shoulder again focusing on same, better, worse.

Book in now for a 20 minute complimentary appointment with Rob Orr who is a credentialed McKenzie therapsit in Mechanical Diagnostic Therapy, one of only 155 in Australia.

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