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Cyclists & Lower Back Pain & Stiffness!

Endurance cyclists or triathlon competitor's, this post is especially for you!

After spending hours on your bike week after week in a sustained flexed position do you find it hard or uncomfortable to straighten up once you get of the bike?

If you answer yes to this question why don't you try this exercise known as sustained prone extension (McKenzie 2004).

Sustained lumber flexion can lead to disc pathology causing obstructions via a bulging disc in the lower back, leading to pain and decreased movement. At times though you can have a disc bulge with no lower back pain or loss of motion.

Sustained prone extension held for 2-3 minutes can help reverse these obstructions and decrease your pain. Try this exercise with no pillows to start with, and then slowly build up to 1 - 3 pillows placed under your stomach. I would recommend this before and after your ride.

For more information book in to see Rob Orr, Credentialed McKenzie therapist in mechanical diagnostic therapy for a complimentary 20 minute appointment. Rob is one of only 155 credentialed MDT therapists in Australia.

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