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How heavy is your head? Cause of neck pain & treatment.

Do you suffer neck pain/discomfort, pins and needles or numbness going down your arm into your hand when reading or stuck on the laptop/computer for a period of time?

If yes, this article is for you!

If you experience these symptoms, take notice of what position your head and neck is in. Most probably you are looking down or sticking your chin out, which leads to an increase in neck flexion.

Neck flexion and forward head posture causes the fluid (nucleus pulposus) inside your disc to migrate posteriorly as a result of increased mechanical compression on the anterior surface of the disk (McKenzie 2004).

In a healthy disc the nucleus pulposus should be a round ball of mass that cannot be distorted, resulting in the absorption of compressional forces which in turn decreases the internal stress inside the disc (McGill 2004). This is not the case in an unhealthy disc.

Sustained/repetitive neck flexion and forward head posture will increase pressure on the back wall of the disc. If this disc is already structurally compromised, it can lead to the C6 and C7 spinal nerve roots being compressed, resulting in pain and altered sensation going down your arm and into the hand.

A simple exercise known as a repetitive neck retractions/chin tucks (Mckenzie & May 2004) can rapidly relieve neck pain and altered sensation going down your arm.

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