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The physical labour of desk jobs | Part One: Lower Back Pain

Do you work all day at a desk and find yourself physically exhausted and in pain?

You may wonder why, as you was sitting all day, there is nothing exhausting about that, is there?

Desk Posture: Prevent lower back pain

No one’s physique is designed to sit all day. Our posture matters a great deal, and it’s very easy each day to start to slouch when sitting as our core muscles want to relax, putting your spine in an unnatural position for hours at a time. This puts strain on some muscles and ligaments while making others slack, putting you out of balance and in pain. Its more and more unavoidable going into this technology age where so much can be done from a desk. What can I do? You ask Prevention is the best cure, so here are some self-help tips:

Try to customise your workstation as best you can. An ergonomic chair wont be enough, sitting at a height that your feet are flat on the ground, your upper legs parallel with the ground, keeping your back up right, your lower back in a neutral position is to curve in, even the slightest bit of leaning can change this.

Test it for yourself: Place your fingers on the middle of your spine when upright, and slouch only a little to feel the change as your spine protrudes out. Getting a lumbar cushion/spacer can help avoid this slouch, but in addition to posture, you NEED to get up and move around, stretch, even stand if you can.

Worksafe Australia provides examples of a routine which will help keep your core more active:


Prevent pain with desk stretches. Example standing hip flexor and chest stretch.

Day in and day out constant sitting can lead to your back pain being a chronic condition if left unchecked, you may already be at a point that no matter what you try in the work place, you’re always in pain, and can get reliant on pain medication to get through the day and even that doesn’t cut it after a while.

If any of this sound familiar you may need that helping hand to get back on top, massage has great outcomes of being a very effective pain relief that can last days to weeks.

A lot of my clients have come to me with these very issues and have felt the benefits straight away, make your booking today!

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